Quality Tempered Glass in Calgary

Tempered glass is a form of glass that has been strengthened using controlled thermal or chemical treatments, giving it the toughness needed to be used in instances where regular plate glass would not suffice. At Around the Clock Glass Service, we are able to install and replace tempered glass in Calgary. We can provide this glass for residential and commercial needs. Our experienced glass technicians are able to cut the glass to any custom size you need. This means we can create custom tempered glass for any size or shape window. Call us today to set up an order for your new tempered glass window.

Uses of Tempered Glass

Because of its increased strength, tempered glass has many practical uses in construction and auto purposes. Tempering puts the outer surface of glass into compression while the inner surface is put into tension. When broken, these stresses cause the glass to crumble into pieces instead of shattering into jagged and sharp shards, as normal glass would. This property increases the safety of tempered glass, making it ideal for use in frameless glass doors, skylights, large windows, sliding doors, elevators and more. 

Quick & Easy Replacement

In addition to our custom tempered glass, we also stock all of the standard sizes of tempered door-lites for commercial use. This makes replacement of standard size doors quick and easy, so that you won’t have a broken door at your business for weeks.

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